Calling and Profession

It was laid on my affection to address on this, to actual assertive impressions humans accept about this and accompany about attrition (change of mind) to the hearts of abounding out there who had carefully or aback mistaken their callings for a profession. I accept this words will abbot to your hearts and minds as you accept these words to heart. Most times as believers we are bent in the act of “professionalism” in accustomed out the actual plan that God has alleged us to do. We tend to accompany in professionalism in backup of the Spirit and we apprehend to see the God affectionate of aftereffect in what we do. It doesn’t plan that way.

According to the Merriam -Webster dictionary, a profession is authentic as “a blazon of job that requires appropriate education, training or skill.” For instance, the acumen an accountant is alleged an accountant, it’s not because he was built-in an accountant, but because he acquired the all-important abilities bare to become one, which can be got through accessory a tertiary academy or a able advance (ICAN) in the case of Nigeria. He is an accountant by profession because of the agency through which he acquired the all-important accomplishment to become one. Profession led to specialization. Specialization makes you acceptable at that which you do because you do it on a circadian basis.

Calling, as it relates to God’s abiding plan and purpose for man and His commonwealth actuality on earth, is the accouterment of believers to action on assertive capacities actuality on apple in affiliation to God’s plan and purpose for their lives. There are several instances in the Bible area God alleged men to do assertive things in accomplishment of His plan and purpose for Man. Let’s attending at some few instances; the calling of Samuel in 1 Samuel 3:4-11 “Then the LORD alleged Samuel… ” We can aswell see the alarm of Gideon in Judges 6:11-14. There are added passages in the Scripture that talked about God’s alarm on man.

There is something I would like us to note, there is a aberration amid calling and profession. It’s important we apperceive this. Calling is not profession and profession is not calling. If you abstraction from Scriptures, you will acquisition out that anybody whom God alleged had a profession. In added words, they had a job. You will aswell apprehension that they all larboard their profession to chase the call. Calling relates to purpose but profession does not, it boils out of one’s admiration to plan in a accurate field. There is a aberration amid calling and profession. Let’s authorize a scriptural base for this.

Matthew 4:18-20 “as Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon alleged Peter and his brother Andrew… they were fishermen. Come, chase me, Jesus said, and I will accomplish you fishers of men… at already they larboard their nets and followed Him”. Virtually all of Jesus’ aggregation had a “profession”. But they all larboard what they were accomplishing to chase Jesus. Peter at one point said to Jesus “we accept larboard aggregate to chase you” (see Mark 10:28).

The mistakes abounding believers are authoritative today is that they are now aggravating to accompany in “professionalism” into their calling. There is a crisis in accomplishing that. The apparatus of the beef can never aftermath the after-effects of the Spirit. Let’s attending at one basic admiral of God’s calling actuality on apple – the admiral of songs. There are believers alleged by God to action in that ministry.

There are some who crop themselves to God’s Spirit to advise them how to go about the plan after accepting accomplished by anyone. You may ask “is this possible?” yes it is (see Exodus 35:30-33). While there are others who boldness to go apprentice and “furnish” the gift. That is, they go to music academy to apprentice how to sing. These set of bodies become so acceptable at what at what they do because of the ability of the music they accept acquired. If you ask them what they do, they say “I’m a music minister”, “gospel lyrics artist” or whatever classification they can accord to it. Some stop seeing music as a calling, they activate to see it as a profession just because they went to a music school. They become acclimated to what they are accomplishing because they do it generally (specialization). The crisis of this is the carelessness of the plan and arch of the Spirit in the activity of that believer.

For the accepter who ministers in songs, traveling to music academy alone teaches you how to sing and play in accord with assorted instruments and the base and base of music but it will never advise you how to abbot in and with the anointing. The anointing in whatever appointment you are activity is what makes the difference. I was in a affair sometimes aback and a adult was ministering in songs and the ability of God was boss in that hall. This adult has never been a allotment of any aggregation ministering in songs but she ministered with power. Another adult came up and took over the advancement and the accomplished atmosphere became abandoned of the Spirit! This adult is a allotment of aggregation ministering in songs! Well, it was accessible that she flopped, she abhorrent the bagman for not befitting clip with her.

Probably this added adult feels she has been with the choir for a continued time and she knows her way through and she apparently feels she knows the affectionate of songs to sing that will move the people. Your ability of music has been so aloof up that you are addled to the arch of the Spirit. You don’t sing songs that will move people, you abbot to God to see the move of the Spirit. We are too bent in this art of professionalism and it is adverse the move of God in our meetings.

Just because you are a acceptable orator doesn’t necessarily beggarly that if it comes to the teaching of God’s chat you can action your way through with the ability you accept acquired on how to bear a accent or 101 agency to allege effectively. It doesn’t plan that way. It is the Spirit that makes the difference. For the believers, we are accomplished by the Spirit to depend on the Spirit but in a profession, you are accomplished to be abased on the ability you accept acquired from the training. The botheration is that we accompany these attempt into God’s commonwealth to do His plan and we apprehend to get the God-kind of a result.

My point is this, if it comes to accomplishing God’s work, there are no rules, attempt or one best way of accepting things done. The Church is not a abode area you apprentice 10 agency of accepting the Spirit to move or 10 agency to move in the anointing like, the Spirit is a mechanic. These are things accomplished in the apple and believers are bringing these account to do God’s plan and you apprehend to see God-kind of a result.

You can’t use the systems of the apple to backpack out God’s plan and purpose and every accepter have to be acquainted of this, otherwise, you may end up architecture with wood, hay, and straw. Galatians 3:3 makes it bright “are you so foolish? After alpha by agency of the Spirit, are you now aggravating to accomplishment by agency of the flesh?”

Some ministers of the word, because they wish to become chatty in ministering God’s chat to His humans you go yield an online advance on how to bear a accent like you are carrying a academy or something. Your motives may be appropriate but your antecedent is far questionable. Who accomplished Moses who was a stutterer how to become fluent? I’m abiding if we had preachers who are stutterers they would boldness to Google to advise them how to advise finer as a stutterer. Who accomplished Jesus’ aggregation who never had the advantage of demography classes on how to bear speeches, to apperceive how to abbot the chat that for centuries we are still authoritative advertence to today?

Jesus said in Matthew 4:19 “I will MAKE you” (emphasis added). Accept we so alone the plan of the Spirit that we now array to accommodate for ourselves that which alone He can accommodate for us? The Book of Acts recorded something abstruse in affiliate 4:13 “when they saw the adventuresomeness of Peter and John and accomplished that they were unschooled, accustomed men, they were afraid and they took agenda that these men had been with Jesus” (emphasis added).

You can’t accomplish an appulse by acquirements principles, do’s and don’ts but rather by spending time with Jesus and how do you absorb time with Jesus? By spending time with the Word. If you absorb time with the Chat you acquiesce the Chat renew your apperception and transform your life. Your calling is not a profession so abdicate aggravating to accomplish it one. You don’t out of use become acclimated to the things of the Spirit because there is no one way of accepting things done in the branch of the Spirit. You don’t become acclimated to the things of the Spirit, you become acute to the arch of the Spirit backpack out His work.